Thursday, April 3, 2014

Road Trip

This weekend we loaded up and went to St. Louis to visit some of our best friends, the Kruegers. We drove through a horrible storm and I was terrified, but other than that Annabelle did great on the long drive. 4 hours and we didn't stop. She always amazes me!

I sat in the back with her and we read books, sang, and snacked.

When we got there, Annabelle and Neely played like best friends. They've only been around each other a few times, but you would think they grew up together. It's so sweet to me how much they love each other. 

They hadn't seen each other since last July!

Last summer.


My best friend is such an amazing wife, mom, and friend and she constantly inspires me. 

And Annabelle adores Emily

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