Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Taking a Break

I’ve enjoyed a little break from Facebook. I’ve been off of Facebook for about a week and a half now, and I have to admit that not only have I not missed it, but I haven’t been missed. I think this is a great thing. The only reason some people even know I’m gone is because they have to call or text me instead of messaging me or writing on my wall. This is wonderful and more personal to me. I do still use InstaGram and probably more now than ever. I am thrilled with this little break and plan to continue it for quite some time. I have to admit that there are a couple of things I miss from Facebook. The number one thing is that now it's November, I love everyone's Thankfulness each day posts. I miss reading those. However, now instead of participating I write them to Annabelle instead of posting them for everyone. What I’ve been doing with my extra minutes (okay, probably hours!), include a lot of snuggling, writing to Annabelle, reading, cleaning, and party planning and online shopping for my almost one year old! I'm not going crazy with her first Birthday in the party-planning department. I plan to make her some decorations including a ONE sign for her highchair, a board of her favorite things and details, a purple, sugary cake for her to make a mess of, and a boa to drape over the fireplace with her monthly pictures. But that's about it. I'm not going to do too much. I want her to be surrounded by her family and our closest friends and take a minute to all celebrate what a gift she is to us, but not get pinterest-obsessed and bogged down by silly details. I have some fun things I am looking forward to creating and doing for her and I will post those after her party is over. Tonight is Family Date Night – just like every Wednesday. I so look forward to this time. We make dinner and try to do something special. Tonight we are going to go look at getting one of our family pictures framed for over our couch in the living room. I have a lot of work to do for decorating our house. I’m so excited to spend these cold nights on house projects. Sorry this was so random! I have a lot of snippets of things going through my mind since I'm not posting them on Facebook. :) Happy Wintery Wednesday!

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  1. I missed you! But am glad to see you still on blogger :) So glad you are getting a break! I used to take breaks from fb and thought about deleting it for good but then I moved to Idaho and it seems like my main link to my friends and family, for now anyway.