Sunday, April 15, 2012

Stretch Armslong

I used to run laps around my apartment on The Plaza. I would cross over one of the beautiful bridges and run down a few blocks and cross the next bridge. Over and over.

I have a funny way of running. A few years ago I got excited about two things: running and yoga. And I found a way to mesh the two together that ends up being a great workout and extremely relaxing, but let's face it, I look like a fool. There, you don't have to say it, I did. When I run I look like a fool.

My sister and her fiance lived in the same apartment complex as I did and used to see me trotting by and as I soon found out, giggled behind my back calling me Stretch Armslong. I'm okay with it, really.

My friend at work recently sent me an interesting article. So for any of you that are interested in learning to breath a little easier when you run, and don't mind looking like a fool, read this article:

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