Friday, November 18, 2011

Drumroll Please...

It's time to announce the next series I am going to read to hopefully get me through my burning desire to re-read Potter from the first one....actually, I don't think I will ever get over this desire, but I have to at least read something else for a while. That's right, I'm still obsessed with Harry and friends. In fact, I can pretty much assure you that I haven't seen a movie in the past few months that doesn't feel like a huge waste of time because it wasn't one of the Harry Potters. (Disclaimer: I haven't seen Breaking Dawn yet and don't get to until Sunday...oh my, I seriously don't know when I became this person. Poor John Steinbeck, Little Women, and Charles Dickens...I'm so ashamed).

Anyway, back to my new (to me) series. I am going to start reading the four books in the Wicked series. Okay, don't yell at me, I know this is a very old idea. But just like I was late jumping into the Harry Potter and Twilight phenomenons (oh yes they are phenomenons!), I am late on this one. I actually read Wicked the summer after my freshmen year in college and LOVED it, but I need to go back and read it again. And one of my friends has agreed to read it with me. And that makes it oh so much more fun.

I know I owe you a discussion about The River Why. I know, I know. But right now all of my theoretical, deep, anything worth your time discussions have been spent on school. I have been reading and writing and reading and writing about technical communication theoretical foundations, practical foundations, and program assessment, and the different levels of edit. That's right. Just smile and thank me for not posting all of that information.

For now, can I please get away with saying that The River Why is important and good? I think it was a wonderful book. I gasped out loud, I cried, and I yelled for my character to buck up and snap out of it and then I was relieved and laughed when he did. It was good. I think you should read it. And I owe Sister #2 a thank you for suggesting it. And I will discuss it further with her, and maybe she will guest post for us on here about her thoughts on it (In case I can't persuade her to do that, check her out at for some great ideas about health and happiness).

What are you all reading? I'm in the market for suggestions!

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