Friday, November 19, 2010

My List of "Happy..."

I have been known to say that "I am just so excited I could burst" probably too often so that it's now lost some of it's emphasis. But, anyway, I am. So at the risk of sounding annoyingly happy, I wanted to wish you all a Happy Three Months Until Our Wedding, One Week Until Thanksgiving, First Month of Work, First Go Live as a PowerWorks Implementor, First Thanksgiving in Our House, Weekend Getaway With Abby, Weekend After My Two Shower/M.O.H. Visit Extravaganza, and so many Happys I know I am forgetting a million.

All I can think about to write about is either EMR/EHR Light (as in "lighter" than the "light" version I thought we were teaching this past week) or the fact that I haven't finished Kite Runner yet. As I am sure you don't care about the former, I am going to touch on the the fact that I haven't finished the book, knowing that you understand after seeing my list of Happys above. I am not even halfway through this wonderful book that in another place and time, would have taken me one to two nights to finish depending on how much sleep I wanted to get to get by the following day.

So really, this is a post about my need to post. To spill it out that I haven't been reading my book, but I intend to. I intend to let you live vicariously through me this weekend because I will be sitting right here, enjoying wine and my book and not thinking about SPM conversions. And yes, it's okay that you have no idea what that means. You will someday, if you stick with me. In the meantime, please beg Pal to post until I have finished Kite Runner. And I will be right here, doing just that. Happy Weekend Before Thanksgiving!

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